Father’s day 2021

Father’s day 2021

Role Of Father

A father is the respect of the children, for a moment father is the strength of the children, father is the identity of the children.

Father is a tough person, like that neem tree is bitter but shade gives cold.
The parents are the god of the child. The first friend of the child is also the first teacher. And provide them good education. For a child, their parents think the most about their future.
Children do not have to ask for anything, the father always takes care of his every need in advance, he should never buy anything for himself, bring anything for the children, this has not happened.

Somebody has rightly said. That the father is the only such person. Those who want to make their child bigger than themselves. For a child their parents are the first place.

Support of father in children’s life

A father sees the happiness of his children before his every happiness, fulfills the needs of the children before his every need. No matter how big a child becomes, but in front of the father, he always remains a child.

Parents are the first teachers or gurus of the child. Parents not only give birth to the child, but they raise them by raising them. Parents teach a child to speak, walk, and all the rites.

We should follow the path shown by our father. Because parents never show their child the wrong path. For a child, his mother is his first teacher. That is his family, his first school.
Like our parents, we should move ahead by fighting the difficulties by becoming courageous and strong. We should follow the orders of our parents and our family members. Because obeying the orders of the elders is the biggest sacrament of the child.

To make the future of their child bright, the parents of that child think day and night. At his young age, they start worrying about his future. This is considered their main exam. Many ideologies arise in his mind. Choose the best from those ideologies.

Childhood is the most important period of human life. If at this stage good values ​​are imbibed by the child. And if that child is interested in studies, then it is the most training point of that child’s life. In this stage, the child does not understand his own good and bad.

 Father as a Teacher’s support in children’s life

Our father is  the ones who shape our lives. And those who support us are our friends. This time is an important time in our life. At this time if we follow the orders of the teacher. And considering the teacher as the parent, get knowledge from them. And we choose a good friend. And our friends support us well. So no one can stop us from moving forward. So no one can stop the success in our life.

Teachers make us a good person by giving us knowledge. Teach us how to talk. Behind every child’s success, there is a hand of their teacher. Without Guru, children cannot do anything in life. Teachers are not the backbone of a child but the backbone of the entire society.

Importance of father in children’s life

In a child’s life, father play an important role in their development. It would have been impossible for us to be without our parents. They urge their father to fulfill their needs for every child. They do everything possible to make their child happy. To make a child’s life grow, it is most necessary to have the support of the parents of that child. They teach their children in big schools to get higher education. And also gives them money when needed.


Father are our God. Our mother gives birth to us. And the father gives us education. And takes care of us. We cannot repay the debt of our parents in our whole life. Most people are like this. Whom your parents, that is, those who gave birth to us, the parents who nurture us, are thrown out of the house.

We have God. These parents, we should worship them. Instead people throw these parents out of the house. We get only chance to serve our parents. We should save ourselves by serving them.

The first friend of my life is my father, my first love is my father, my best friend is my father!

He already recognizes my every move. Seeing the silence on my face, I know the condition of my heart. Forgetting your sleep, you made us sleep, your tears made us laugh, never give pain to those celebrities, God made them parents.

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