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Social Media

What is social media

Social media means that today the Internet is an integral part of the continuation of the interpersonal relationship through which people are connected to each other. The major platforms in this are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkdIn etc. There is also some such platform in this which is the youth of the people. In which Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are popular.

The most successful social media platforms in today’s era are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc.

Today social media has become such a value that there are some platforms whose names are on the youth from children to old people like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp. Today, almost all the internet users of the world use these platforms. is.

The prevalence of social media was very strong in the 21st century, in which LinkedIn started in 2000, Facebook Twitter started in 2006, YouTube started in 2005, Instagram started in 2010.

Today, social media is used by almost billions of people around the world. Including from children to old people. In today’s era, there is a revolution in mankind, which has given a different direction to this new generation.

Social media is a platform that enables sharing of any data. Which we get through videos, photos, and blogs.

On social media, you can reach a lot of people in a very short time. Where earlier people used to send their information through letter and the information was received after many days but today through internet and social media, they convey their point in minutes.

Nowadays people should use social media very carefully that social media has as many disadvantages as it has advantages.

There are some kind of positive and negative effects of social media.

Positive Effects, Benefits, Benefits Of Social Media

Nowadays social media is used in almost everything in life, whether it is the field of education, government office work, or business work, let’s understand one by one means of entertainment.

Advantages of social media in the field of education

Today YouTube has become a platform where you can get all your information through videos and since the last two years since the corona epidemic happened, all the schools have continued their studies online and all kinds of information on YouTube through videos. Whether that information is about education, cooking, jokes, there are some such YouTubers who earn in lakhs, in this way YouTube is a platform for the benefit of the people.

In government affairs

In today’s world, almost most of the less started being online. Whether it is to issue any kind of information, take out recruitment, take examination, all the work is done online, whose information is uploaded on the official site but its spread is very fast viral through social media.

In the field of business

In today’s era, all business is promoted through social media, like when we watch videos on YouTube, there are ads that promote that company, we show sponsors on Facebook who promote their company. But we always show Ads which promote business

In this way, the technology of social media has increased so much that any information reaches a lot of people in a very short time.

There are also some platforms in which only the information of jobs, some only talk, and some other platform for short jokes videos. Some such social media platform exists according to the need of the person. Where there is LinkedIn for jobs information, there is WhatsApp for video calls, voice calls and messages, Telegram and Moj for short videos, Facebook, mx player taka tak, etc.

Social media has become a very important means of entertainment today. Some people show their talent on social media, then some are entertained by seeing those talents and give their feedback on it through like, comment and share, in which today many people have achieved a good position through social media. And he earns millions through social media.

Negative effects, disadvantages, disadvantages of social media

If you do not use social media carefully, then this social media can have as much negative impact as positive.

There is a lot of harm from social media, if social media is not used carefully then we can also get addicted to it. And if this happens, it can cause a lot of damage.

Negative effects of social media

People use social media more and more at night and use it at night in such a way that people spend the whole night on social media in the morning or sleep late at night. By doing this, first of all, our health is harmed, yet you do not feel like doing some work because if your sleep is not complete at night, then you will sleep during the day and your workload will increase, then you will gradually become depressed. You will become a victim of mental illness and mental illnesses will start dominating you.

If you use social media till late night, then you will have difficulty in getting up in the morning, due to which you will not get time to exercise, walk in the morning, due to which you will not feel fresh in the morning and you may get diseases.

Impact on children

The most important thing is that if you use social media till late night, then the light emitted from your mobile is very harmful for your eyes, which can also damage your eyes, these symptoms are especially seen in children. . I request all the parents to try to keep their children away from social media and mobile.

Negative effects of social media on children

Children are very much attracted towards mobile and social media. And due to which children leave their work and are engaged on mobile and social media, sometimes it happens that those children also harm you financially. For this reason, I give an advice from my side, so as much as possible, children should keep their mobiles away from Other.

Wasting your precious time due to social media

If you use social media a lot, then it is important that your work will not be done at the right time and the workload will increase on you, one day it will happen that you will get so much work that will make you mentally ill. If you become a victim of depression, then you may have to face a big problem and you will know that more people commit suicide due to depression, so keep in mind that you use social media only to a limited extent.

Cybercrime through social media.

Today, through social media, people start talking to strangers about their bodies. And you should know that the people who commit cybercrime live in the pursuit of such people. The biggest example of this is there are more fake ids than real on Facebook today. In which people talk to you and ask for your video, photo and if you give photo, video, then they again start blackmailing you and they demand according to their mind. You should be careful with these people and there are some such people that if someone close to you will ask for your money by making a new fake ID, then you should be careful with all these people. If you do not share any secret information with any stranger from you through social media, if you ask for any such information like OTP, bank details, any of your pan card number, Aadhar card number, then never share such information. . Otherwise you will be left with nothing but to regret later. I request you guys to use carefully.

Ways to avoid the negative effects of social media

To avoid the negative effects of social media, you should set a time that you will only use social media at this time. And if you start getting used to social media, then at that time you spend time with your family, spend time with your friends, you can also do some sports so that you will get away from social media and use it at your scheduled time. And whenever you use social media, keep sharing some of your good ideas so that other people get to learn something from you and you can also encourage sharing of good things through like, comment, share. So that someone’s need is fulfilled by your words and his life progresses from a good position and he becomes successful, if he tells his words to you, tessahen you will also be happy.

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