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Importance Of Internet

The Internet can be a very positive step towards education, organization and participation in a meaningful society. This statement of Noam Chomsky seems to be absolutely true in the present context. Earlier people’s hobbies used to be playing, reading, listening to music, drawing, photography etc. Nowadays, if you ask him about hobbies, the answer is seven out of ten people. Internet surfing and amazing that hobbies like playing, reading, listening to music and drawing pictures can also be fulfilled through the Internet.

This is the reason that some magic, some science miracle, some call it super highway of knowledge. Whatever you call it, but there is no doubt that the Internet has not only proved to be very useful for human beings, but it has completely changed the world through the speed and variety of communication. That’s when American author Dave Barry has said – “The Internet is the single most important single development in the history of human communication after the invention of call waiting (telephone and mobile). ”

What Is Internet

A group of computers and other electronic devices interconnected by various means of communication to share information and other electronic resources, is called computer network and the world-class network of these computer networks is the Internet.

The Beginning Of The Internet

During the Cold War, in 1969, the US Department of Defense established the ARPANET, a network of computers for the first time, for the purpose of protecting American information resources and sharing information among themselves in the event of war. On the basis of this concept, other computer networks were created, which later transformed into the world-class network Internet.

In this computer networks around the world are connected through a standard protocol. No person in the world can be called the owner of the Internet. It has no headquarters or central management. any person . One who has internet facility of any internet service provider company can connect to it through his computer. Today, out of more than 7 billion people in the world, about 3 billion people are connected to the Internet. India has the largest number of internet users in the world after China and America. About 25 crore people are connected to the Internet in our country. The number of people connecting to the Internet is increasing rapidly all over the world.

Computer networks were invented for the purpose of sharing information. Earlier it was not possible to share all types of information through this, but now in this era of information technology, it has become possible to exchange videos as well as documents and sound. Internet is that genie, who is always ready to follow all your orders.

To book a plane ticket to go abroad, to book a hotel room located at a tourist place, to order a book, to advertise to increase your business, to chat with your friends online, seek health advice from doctors or seek legal advice from lawyers; Internet is the medicine of every merge. The Internet has given new opportunities to government, business and education. Governments use the Internet for many functions such as conducting their administrative functions, various tax systems, management and dissemination of information.

Internet’s Impact On Trade And Commerce

Internet was not effective in trade and commerce till a few years ago, but today all kinds of marketing and business transactions are possible through it. Today newspapers and magazines are being published on the internet, radio channels are available and almost all television channels are also present.

Positive Impact Of Internet

Today educational courses can be conducted through the Internet. Special knowledge of any subject can be obtained by connecting from one end of the world to the other. Any person can create his web page on the internet about his organization and its activities, features etc., which can be seen by millions of people on their internet. The World Wide Web (www) is proving to be the best means of global access. Internet service provider companies provide internet services to the consumers for a nominal fee.

Internet Service Started In India

Internet service in India was started by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in the year 1995. Now telecom companies like Airtel, Reliance, Tata Indicom, Vodafone also provide internet service. Earlier – documents and images were exchanged through mail, now the use of online conversation is increasing continuously and through chatting we can discuss any issue.

Advantage Of Internet

Through the Internet, media houses are easily reaching us with the latest news and weather related information through both sound and visual medium. Be it a leader or an actor, a student or a teacher, a reader or a writer, a scientist or a thinker, the Internet is proving equally useful for everyone. Now through this not only higher education can be obtained, but it is also proving helpful in getting employment. Various types of surveys and referendums can be done well through the Internet. Looking at these uses of the Internet, John Allen Pauls has said – “The Internet is the largest library in the world, as if all the books are lying open. ”

Internet has many benefits, but it also has many drawbacks. Through this, children have easy access to nude scenes. Many people use the Internet to view pornographic sites and steal information. This has led to an increase in cyber crimes. When connecting to the Internet, there is also a risk of virus-protected files being destroyed or infected. To avoid these viruses, it is necessary to use anti virus software. Apart from all this, many people keep publishing unnecessary and wrong data and facts on it.

Disadvantage Of Internet

Therefore, all the data and facts available on this cannot always be considered authentic. We need to be very careful while using them. In this way, if the Internet is the ocean of knowledge, then there is no shortage of ‘garbage’ in it. If it is used properly, then pearls of knowledge and progress will be obtained from this ocean and if used wrongly, nothing will be left in hand except garbage. The ocean of knowledge available on the Internet and proper use of this medium will play an important role in the progress of man. Therefore, it is very important to teach its proper use to the coming generation, otherwise it will prove to be a sharp sword in the hands of childrenEssay On Internet.

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