Coronavirus Essay English

Coronavirus English Essay Writing

The size of  Corona virus is very small. But the effect of this microscopic virus has shaken not only India but the whole world. When {who} declared it as a pandemic. It’s as small as a virus. The more effective it is. The effect of this virus can be seen all over the world. It has spread like fire all over the world.

Origin Of Corona Virus

Corona salt virus was first detected in chickens in 1930. This made it difficult for him to breathe. By 1940, this virus spread to other animals and in 1960 it also happened to a person. After this, this virus came to China in 2019 and this time this virus spread through bats and the whole world got caught in it. This virus came in 2019 so it was named Covid-19. What is Corona virus?

Corona virus is a very big pandemic. In whose guise the whole world has come. This virus was first seen in December 2019 in Wuhan district of China. That’s why this virus was named {Covid-19}. China is believed to be the major partner of this virus.

{WHO} According to the organization, the symptoms of this virus- fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose and sore throat are its main symptoms. No vaccine has been made for this virus yet. It is a contagious disease. It enters from one person to another. This virus spreads through coughs and sneezes.

China did not allow the Corona virus to spread for a long time. But could not destroy this virus. Due to which this virus spread to other countries as well. China hid this virus from other countries, due to which today the whole world is entangled in this epidemic. This virus is so dangerous. The vaccine for which the scientists of the whole world are not able to find.

Lockdown For Corona

At present, a very big epidemic has attacked all over the world. The name of this epidemic is Corona pandemic. To avoid this, lockdown has been imposed in India and many other countries. The emergency situation is called lockdown. It has a direct meaning. Lockout. In this situation, the house is not allowed to go out. When the lockdown increases in a big way. So it takes the form of curfew.

The lockdown in India was implemented on 24 March 2020. This is considered a historic step by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. This step of Modiji proved to be a boon for the country. Keeping the health of the citizens of the country in the city, a complete lockdown has been imposed in the entire country. This has happened for the first time in our history.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

In Covid 19 / Corona virus, there is a fever first. After a few days there is a dry cough. And after a week there is difficulty in breathing. This is the main symptom of this virus. Fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose and sore throat etc. These symptoms are found in most of the infected people.

These symptoms have a direct meaning. Corona infection. Many problems have to be faced due to this disease. This can also lead to the death of the person. The symptoms of this virus are similar to swine flu. So do your Corona testing every month. If an elderly person has got this disease. So they have very little breath to survive.

When Corona virus infection happens?

At present, India does not have a vaccine for Corona. People infected with this disease are admitted to the hospital. And they are given regular medicines. Due to which 85 percent of the people are getting healthy without the vaccine.

So if someone is a Corona infected person. So they should go to the hospital without panic and get their treatment. Stay away from other people until you are healthy. So that no one else gets this disease. All the scientists of India and the world are engaged in the search for the vaccine.

What are the measures to prevent it?

Corona virus is spreading very fast all over the world. To protect us from this, the Health Ministry has issued a guide-line. We should follow its instructions. Do not go to the Corona infected area during the Corona period. Do not touch any unseen object. Come out of the house only when the work is very important.

Drink boiled water in the morning. Do not put hands on mouth or nose. Use sanitizer continuously. Hands must be washed after every hour or after going to the city. And whenever you come out of the house, go out with a mask on your face.

Maintain a distance of 2 yards from every person, especially while coughing and sneezing, one should not sit nearby. Do not consume meat, eggs and other non-vegetarian items during this Corona period. Wash green vegetables from the market by boiling water twice so that its germs die. And let our troubles go away. We have to defeat the Corona epidemic by following the instructions of the government.

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